Can we be proactive in preventing Norovirus outbreaks in schools? Trusted by teachers, NewGenne® has supplied cleaning products to schools for many years, and since then those schools have experienced no outbreaks of Norovirus. Avoiding these outbreaks improves pupil, teacher and family wellbeing, and reduces environmental impact. 

Prevention is better, kinder, and significantly less expensive than dealing with an outbreak. 

Norovirus outbreaks enhances wellbeing and provides environmental gains…

Viruses are something we have become far too familiar with since the outbreak of Coronavirus back in 2019, and hygiene has become a priority for us all, particularly in schools. Norovirus is still the most infectious virus known to infect humans, so prevention is of utmost importance. Virologists say as few as ten virus particles are sufficient to induce clinical disease. School teams know what an outbreak looks like, smells like and feels like, overcoming any need to describe it here.

The first point to consider is that there are over 20 strains of Norovirus, so any single outbreak in a school can be followed by 19 more without any of the previously developed immunity providing any protection. If you have the conditions for one outbreak, you can look forward to more. Norovirus outbreaks mean disruption, unpleasant symptoms for all concerned, added costs in the school budget and a whole lot of misery. 

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Preventing Norovirus Outbreaks in Schools