“We know how to kill the microbes, so why are those microbes still killing people?”

We are very positive people at NewGenne, so why ask such a negative question? Because thousands of premature deaths arise from hospital infections every year. We believe most of those deaths are avoidable and we actively work to prevent such deaths.

When we formed the company in 2001, the concept of having NO infections in a British hospital was laughed at. The hospital professionals did not see “control” and “prevent” as synonymous. Their medical association was called the Hospital Infection Society. To them, infections were inevitable when you grouped sick people in hospitals and their job was to control infections that had already happened. 100,000 infection deaths have occurred in British hospitals in the last 20 years, keeping these professionals extremely busy.

What has changed in two decades?

Now, a few British hospitals count the days when they have no infections; the rest still count the infections every day. In this sector, that’s astounding progress.

What has the NewGenne team contributed over those years?

One example is that Dr Harley Farmer, a co-founder, recently had a chapter published in an infection prevention textbook which is now used in continued professional development. He used that chapter to point out that we like our medical professionals to follow the evidence and ask whether they are following evidence of success or evidence of failure? He cited articles from their medical literature showing that it was mainly evidence of failure.

How does that help when so many continue to die? The answer is extremely evident on this website. We can do a lot, and we have. However, we can’t do it all alone and it’s very pleasing to see how many people within the sector now stand with us.

We hope you join this positive collaboration.