The technology and ideas Dr Harley Farmer brought from his previous endeavours were the basis of NewGenne® being formed in 2001.

It began in his kitchen and now supplies leading products around the world.

However, the team’s main contribution is positive inclusive thinking. It’s easy to watch and gripe. It’s harder to stand back, appreciate what others are doing, and ask how you can help them find new choices which allow them to achieve even better outcomes.

As an example, Dr Harley noticed how many healthcare workers had Occupational Dermatitis on their hands because their hygiene products were too harsh on the skin. Working with hospital teams, he created mild products which allowed the skin to heal itself. When you stop damaging the skin, that’s what it does – it heals itself.

In hindsight it was simple. The skill lay in having the foresight to see how easy it would be. To show the courage to do something different in order to deliver a different outcome.

Some of the nurses who then had wonderful hands snuck the new products home and washed their children who had suffered from eczema for years. Soon, those children had wonderful skin. The positive action of those parents led to the EXeczema® programme.

It’s always gratifying when doing one good thing results in another. It’s even better when people are doing it to help you because you helped them.

Finding the good in people and helping them to discover new choices reinforces the NewGenne philosophy. It means we can focus on people and let the money bit take care of itself. Over 15 years, Dr Harley spent a small fortune working with parents to find the best choices for children with Atopic Eczema. Now, the EXeczema® campaign seeks to end Atopic Eczema in 7.5 million pre-teens before 2025. All those happy young faces typify the force within NewGenne.