Do you know of any hands that have become cracked, red and sore from all the constant hand sanitising and washing since the pandemic hit?

Here at NewGenne®, we understand the importance of keeping surfaces and hands clean, and since the outbreak of Covid-19, almost everyone else does too. The difference is, we believe that being clean shouldn’t come at the cost of damaging natural skin, or the earth. Welcome to cleaning products that are kind to skin, and the environment… they literally don’t cost the earth!

We do not use harmful substances such as paraffin or alcohol in our products; we like to use the power of nature, specifically H2O. It really is that simple.

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Dr Harley Farmer – Our Founder

The technology and ideas Dr Harley Farmer brought from his previous endeavours were the basis of NewGenne® being formed in 2001.

It began in his kitchen and now supplies leading products around the world.

Dr Harley was inspired when he noticed how many healthcare workers had Occupational Dermatitis on their hands because their hygiene products were too harsh on the skin. Working with hospital teams, he created mild products which allowed the skin to heal itself. When you stop damaging the skin, that’s what it does – it heals itself.

Some of the nurses who then had wonderful hands snuck the new products home and washed their children who had suffered from eczema for years. Soon, those children had wonderful skin. The positive action of those parents led to the EXeczema® programme.

It’s always gratifying when doing one good thing results in another. It’s even better when people are doing it to help you because you helped them.

Finding the good in people and helping them to discover new choices reinforces the NewGenne philosophy. It means we can focus on people.