The Covid-19 coronavirus has resulted in a global pandemic with far too many deaths and a massive impact on commerce.

Few people have been left unaffected in some way, either by the virus itself or the shutdowns which so typify this pandemic.

The technical people who name new viruses chose to call this new one SARS-CoV-2. The CoV means coronavirus, so consider the name without that bit: SARS-2. Is it the same virus with minor changes? Covid-19 makes more sense if it is so let’s develop that idea.

The two most significant changes are in the proteins on the ends of the virus spikes, the key to the virus attaching to its target receptor to gain entry to cells.

  1. The original SARS virus attached well enough to cause the major epidemic in 2003. The SARS-2 virus has a much better fit with the receptors. A minor change with a massive effect. 
  2. There are three particular proteins on the ends of the spikes. The SARS-2 virus has the ability to conceal one of those and fool the immune system. Another minor change with a massive impact.

At NewGenne, we find it easier to assume the first SARS virus remained in the human population while it developed these two adaptations. As is normal in the laws of Nature, it had found a way of concealing itself. For a while.

In mid-2019, the adapted virus was in balance with humans and Nature. In mid-2020, it was in a global pandemic.

Nature does not tend to cause abrupt changes like that. Humans do. If you are interested in our most recent thoughts, please refer to this page.

If you are the UK Prime Minister, please make contact. If our nation continues to run second to this virus, we’re heading for a much bigger calamity than the one you met in the first half of 2020. The NewGenne team has unparalleled expertise in halting virus outbreaks and is keen to help. The book released in September 2020 called Coronoia. What the W.H.O. failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear is one part of our attempt to help. You have been sent a copy, as have all your Cabinet colleagues. It was sent in the hope you would allow us to help you save lives and support our economy.