Questions on COVID-19 and its coronavirus.

Massive scientific effort has been spent on COVID-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the brief time the virus has been known. Yet we are left with numerous unanswered questions.

  • Where did the new virus originate?
  • When will variants find a way around the vaccines?
  • How long will immunity last?
  • Are there better ways to treat COVID-19 patients?
  • Is the virus following the laws of Nature?

All those questions have relevance and we eagerly wait while others provide answers.

The NewGenne team like to seek questions others are not asking. That allows us to help in our unique way. It works very well in controlling other troublesome viruses like Norovirus to the point where users of our hygiene products do not have Norovirus outbreaks. That unique benefit arose from asking unique questions.

The question we feel is most likely to provide uniquely helpful answers for COVID-19 is:

  • Why is the virus spreading as it does?

We know:

  • what receptors the virus attaches to in order to infect cells,
  • which cells the virus targets,
  • how the virus spreads between people,
  • the best ways of preventing spread between individual people,
  • which other coronaviruses are most genetically similar to this one and
  • why the COVID-19 disease is so lethal in certain people and not others.

We know a lot yet none of those facts are allowing us to stop the pandemic.

The footer statement on this website is “The right answers appear when you ask the right questions.” All the questions above are right yet one will be most likely to provide the best way to halt the pandemic. If you want more detail on why we favour our question please click here to see an evolving thesis which is revealing something unique.