With the ongoing pandemic forcing us to take our cleanliness more seriously than ever, some swear by the protective effects of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, but there are many downsides to their use – and these aren’t always the best thing for both our skin and our general health.

Although they may be highly effective in clearing the hands of bacteria, alcohol-based hand sanitisers can conspire to dry out the areas of the skin to which they are applied and make the hands sore and irritated as a result. This is far from a new problem and seems tremendously counter-productive, especially when optimum skin health is now even more important for those who work in the healthcare and medical sectors!

Something else to consider is how alcohol vapour can impede your ability to withstand infection by the Covid coronavirus. That goes for those who use alcohol sanitisers regularly – and anyone in the general vicinity.

Our Foam Hand Rub is free from alcohol which means the skin will remain in optimal moist condition as a result of its use. In addition to such skin-friendliness, this product offers substantial protection against bacteria including important forms of hospital superbugs. It also passes EN14776, the official test against membrane-bound viruses like the Covid-19 coronavirus.