The Laws of Nature favour balance. These laws prevail and humans can disrupt Nature’s balance. Global warming offers a clear example of this.

How do humans contribute to global warming?

Humans are putting an estimated 9.5 billion metric tonnes of carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere each year via the burning of fossil fuels. Deforestation and other land cover changes equate to a further 1.5 billion metric tonnes entering our planet’s atmosphere annually. Humans are the main cause of global warming, an aspect of climate change which is increasing the frequency and intensity of some types of extreme weather, including heavy rain and drought.

Humans have disregarded Nature’s balance concerning the climate for so long that we have to wonder if it’s too late to reverse the damage that our actions have caused. Fortunately, millions of wonderful people around the world are doing all they can to try and restore some sort of balance – we should, and can, all be reducing our carbon footprint. This is very positive and we all know that positivity brings hope.

Positive inclusive thinking

At NewGenne®, our team’s main contribution is positive inclusive thinking. We have earned our reputation as industry experts when it comes to preventing infectious diseases in hospitals and other clinical and medical settings across the globe because we appreciate what others are doing.

The act of considering all the information available is what enables us, as a company, to ask how we can support others to find new choices and help them to achieve better outcomes. Educating and learning are both key to our success.

The right answers appear when you ask the right questions

The footer statement on NewGenne®’s website reads “The right answers appear when you ask the right questions.” This is something we firmly believe and through finding – and asking – the necessary questions, we have uncovered numerous valuable answers that have allowed us to help many people. What is particularly gratifying, is when those we have helped choose to share this advice and support with others.

NewGenne®’s eco-friendly product range

We supply our gentle, versatile and economical products from our business premises in Norfolk and as a company, we are always looking to further reduce our own carbon footprint. We enable all our customers to save massively on plastic, and money, with our refill items and our dilutable High Level Disinfectant (Concentrate).

You can maintain excellent personal and environmental hygiene practices with our justifiably popular water-based and eco-friendly products which are available on our online shop.

We will continue to play our part whilst trusting in others to ask the right questions about global warming and climate change. Many individuals and companies worldwide are working tirelessly to find those questions and provide us with what will prove to be the most helpful answers.