We are fast approaching 3 million COVID-19 deaths worldwide. This harrowing statistic becomes even worse when considering that, here at NewGenne®, we firmly believe that many of the premature viral deaths have actually been avoidable.

Such a high number of global fatalities is ample reason for the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) to adapt. We hope you agree.

Why is the virus spreading in the way it does?

If part of the answer to that question is the use of alcohol hand sanitisers, we can stop that immediately by simply substituting them for safer, alcohol-free products which are readily available.

Alcohol sanitisers do good. The solvent vapours they emit do harm. This is not new information, with the scientific evidence to support it dating back to 1952. Despite this fact, the W.H.O. continue to advise the use of alcohol sanitisers, including in clinical COVID settings.

The experts at the W.H.O. believed that their combined experience would be the only way to control the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Almost 3 million people have died while that belief prevais.

Adapt or die

Quite rightly, governments across the globe look to the W.H.O. for guidance and instruction. Tragically, in this instance, that instruction actively favours COVID-19. The authorities have failed to adapt and history teaches us how often a failure to adapt means that people die.

Humans played a major role in the spreading of SARS-CoV-2. To keep the virus suppressed and prevent the next pandemic, we must examine this human aspect.


Dr Harley Farmer’s must-read book, Coronoia® Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic?, presents the relevant science and psychology in an easy-to-understand and readable format.

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Coronoia® Campaign

Questions are often the best way to communicate. So many people have good ideas and simply lack the means of having those ideas reach the influential people who can really make a difference. Questions are the basis on which the Coronoia® Campaign is built.

Join our positive collaboration today and see your good ideas translated into focussed questions on COVID-19. You will see how few people need to ask the same questions for UK politicians to take notice.