When NewGenne®’s co-founder and Company Director, Dr Harley Farmer first chose to focus his efforts on reducing hospital infections, this led to questions that hospital management found too uncomfortable and he noticed that previously open doors began to close.

What came next, 12 years ago, relates to the COVID-19 pandemic we are in the midst of today.

Thousands of preventable, needless deaths were arising from infections in UK hospitals every year but, since Dr Harley’s attempts to advance the debate were all met with ingrained medical dogma, he knew that he had to find another way to gain the attention of influential people. After meticulously examining the options, he saw a novel as the best way to do this and thus, back in 2009, The Reaper’s Rainbow became Dr Harley Farmer’s debut novel.

The Reaper’s Rainbow

A horrifyingly plausible story that proved Dr Harley was more than capable of writing a ripping thriller, although his desire to lighten the tone with a burgeoning relationship led to a number of readers seeing his novel as a romance, The Reaper’s Rainbow was never actively publicised as its main purpose was to be a management tool.

As well as proving popular with lovers of romantic thrillers – many of whom eagerly await further novels from the noted wordsmith – The Reaper’s Rainbow earned Dr Harley an invitation to write a chapter in an infection prevention textbook which now forms part of professional education for many healthcare workers.

He used that chapter to point out that we like our medical professionals to follow the evidence, yet was this evidence of success or evidence of failure? Citing articles from medical literature, Dr Harley showed that it was predominantly evidence of failure.

You can purchase a copy of Dr Harley Farmer’s fast-paced thriller, The Reaper’s Rainbow, on NewGenne®’s online shop and Amazon where it boasts a fantastic 5 stars.

How Does Dr Harley Farmer’s First Novel Relate To The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Dr Harley Farmer writes in the final few pages of The Reaper’s Rainbow:

“THE END – if that is what you want.
Personally, I was hoping you would become involved and see it as THE BEGINNING.”

That is because hospital bugs and infectious diseases are very real. People are still dying in their thousands every year – something that, tragically, we have seen exacerbated since the COVID-19 crisis first arose, with over 2 million global COVID-19 deaths recorded so far – and you, your friends, your family and your pets are at risk.

As with the hospital bugs in The Reaper’s Rainbow, the products described within the book also exist. They are those of NewGenne®’s industry-leading hygiene range which you can access on our online shop.

These products were developed with the help of hospital infection control teams, they do enable infection cycles to be broken and, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, you are one of the people who can make it happen.

Join NewGenne®’s Positive Collaboration

Here at NewGenne®, just as we believe that most of the deaths arising from hospital infections every year are avoidable, we feel the same about the majority of COVID-19 fatalities and we actively work to prevent such deaths.

We know that we can do a lot, and we have. However, we can’t do it all alone and it’s very pleasing to see how many people now stand with us. We hope you join this positive collaboration.

Please email info@newgenne.com to learn more and with any questions or concerns you have.