The BBC’s new series, A Perfect Planet, sends a harrowing message about humanity’s effect on the natural world and how we have proven the planet’s most destructive force. It also seeks to empower people with the solutions to climate change.

Earth was a perfect planet; a planet in Nature’s balance. The Laws of Nature prevailed until humans began to bend those laws.

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, A Perfect Planet exemplifies how humans are sending Earth off balance; Nature’s balance.

Did something similar happen to create the COVID-19 pandemic? NewGenne®’s Director, Dr Harley Farmer, suggests yes, something very similar indeed.


In Dr Harley’s view, the COVID-19 coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, was a virus in Nature’s balance, precisely where the Laws of Nature favoured it to remain. However, as with the global climate, humans managed to disrupt Nature’s balance and over 2 million COVID-19 deaths so far demonstrate what happens when we disregard Nature.

Human actions caused climate change and have now brought on the COVID-19 pandemic. What will we be responsible for next?

We Have A Choice

Many countries across the globe have put measures in place to reduce their carbon footprint. Last November, for example, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, set out a 10-point plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This is positive and with combined effort, perhaps some sort of balance for our climate could be restored. We really hope so but, even then, will we have learnt from our actions?

What of the COVID-19 pandemic? What can we choose to do about that?

On announcing the UK’s tragic 100,000 COVID deaths milestone, Boris Johnson said his Government had done everything it could. Really?

It is a scientific fact – a fact dating all the way back to 1952 – that alcohol vapours, when breathed in, break down the pulmonary surfactant mucus deep within the lungs. That mucus protects the specialised lung cells that the COVID-19 coronavirus seeks to attack. Therefore, anything that threatens its integrity, such as solvent vapours, should be avoided at all costs. Wouldn’t you agree?

Could the UK Government advise us to stop using alcohol sanitisers that emit these solvent vapours and simply substitute them for safe, alcohol-free products like NewGenne®’s Foam Hand Rub?

Yes, of course they could, even though that would challenge the World Health Organisation’s advice to use of alcohol sanitisers.

Alcohol Is Pro-COVID

The COVID-19 vaccines bring great news and deliver much-needed hope, yet the COVID death toll still increases every day. The science states that alcohol is pro-COVID and we simply cannot afford to ignore it.


Dr Harley Farmer’s new book, Coronoia® Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic?, has received 5-star reviews and copies are being sent to those that Dr Harley feels are most influential. These include the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, Professor Chris Whitty, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam and the Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA), Sir Patrick Vallance. With Sir David Attenborough’s recent plea, perhaps he too will make the mailing list.

Will Coronoia®… achieve its objectives? With so many more lives dependent on the establishment acting on the science presented within it, it needs to.

Please read Coronoia® Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic?, which is available as a paperback or digital version on NewGenne®’s online shop and Amazon, and let us know how you can support the Coronoia® Campaign.