Unprecedented is a word we usually reserved for the coronavirus effect in 2020. This year, we can use it for our efforts to regain control.

It took the virus over 12 months to induce antibodies in 6 million people in the UK. In less than 12 WEEKS the NHS has achieved twice that number with vaccines.

12 months for the virus; less than 12 weeks for the NHS.

A truly unprecedented achievement.

It suggests a semblance of control might be returning. Many factors determine whether our level of control continues to increase.

New variants

One factor is how many chances the virus has to adapt and make new variants. This happens when the virus is replicated by lung cells. It is generally assumed the virus must pass to a new person for it to have a chance of replicating and possibly adapting.

In reality, most of the new virus particles made by one lung cell will simply infect another lung cell WITHIN the same person. After all, it’s a much shorter journey to the adjacent cell than to another person.

Each time the virus moves to another cell there is a chance for variation. While we continue to allow the virus to move from one lung cell to another we will continue to favour the virus.

But what of the vaccines?

The vaccines will bring selective pressure. The virus variants the vaccines can stop will be stopped. The ones the vaccines were never designed to stop will continue. If we favour them by ensuring solvent alcohol vapours are present in the lungs of infected people, we will favour replication and with it the chance to make new variants.

If we keep doing the same we will keep getting the same. That will be an unprecedented disaster; one we bring on ourselves.

I was hoping for greater control. It is available.

Alcohol is pro-Covid

Despite much evidence to suggest that the use of alcohol sanitisers actively helps the virus, the likes of the World Health Organisation continue to advise the public to use them. Such advice will hinder our attempts to overcome the pandemic.

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