The COVID-19 virus’ genetic code can be altered each time it replicates, resulting in the new variants we currently fear. We keep people a safe distance apart to reduce the R value and decrease the chance of the genetic code replicating in one more person.

Each person has 23 billion of the Alveolar Type 2 lung cells this coronavirus attacks. A new virus particle freshly made in an infected person’s lungs has 23,000,000,000 lung cells in much closer proximity than the nearest other person.

The greatest chance for new variants arising occurs WITHIN each infected person as the virus goes from one lung cell to the next, replicating each time with the inevitable occasional change in genetic code.

I suggest the vast majority of new coronavirus particles produced stay within that person’s lungs to infect other lung cells. Wisdom would suggest we pay special attention to what could help the virus attack more lung cells.

The two R values and COVID-19

In July 2020, I introduced the concept of two R values: the outer R for transmission between people and the inner R for transmission between cells within a person’s lungs.

We are spending a fortune to reduce the outer R while completely ignoring the inner R. If we continue to ignore the inner R, there will be billions of cells making new viruses, with the threat of a more deadly variant arising each time it goes from cell to cell.

Sad things can happen when you choose to ignore the true problem.

Variants are on their way.

Soon, one will bypass our vaccines.

The odds against us are 23,000,000,000 to 1.

To ignore those odds is to gamble with death. We’ve seen over 2 million deaths in this pandemic. How many more are we prepared to gamble in the next pandemic; the one we cause by ignoring the inner R and the proven science?

Bringing the pandemic under control

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