Why a second edition so soon? A letter from the Cabinet Office said my thoughts in the first Coronoia were noted. Not rejected and not accepted; simply noted.

Did they do anything else? As far as I know, that’s it.

Which incentivised me to deliver Coronoia® 2. It’s slightly longer and is receiving 5-star reviews.

The death toll rises

Sadly, the UK has exceeded 100,000 COVID deaths. In the second Coronoia®, I suggest the tally will likely reach 150,000 before spring. An increasing number of influential experts agree.

What more can I do to help keep the number below 150,000? I can bring the new book to the Cabinet Members’ attention and widen the field to leading medical and scientific advisors. Copies are being sent to Professors Whitty and Van-Tam and Sir Patrick Valance, among many others.

Even though the vaccines bring tremendous news, the fact we have exceeded 100,000 deaths suggests something is missing in the UK Government’s pandemic response.

Have we done all we can?

From my experience of successfully halting highly infectious viruses, the UK is currently doing almost everything required to FAVOUR the coronavirus. Every new effort launched has weaknesses and the virus seems to exploit them all.

We need to act upon the pivotal fact which is allowing it to spread with such impunity. When announcing the 100,000 milestone, Boris Johnson said his Government had done everything it could. Really? Have they advised us to stop using alcohol sanitisers? The science shows how the solvent vapours rising from sanitisers favour the virus inside our lungs. Those vapours help the virus.

So, banning alcohol sanitisers is one more thing they could do. The science is there to support such an instruction and the facts in Coronoia® Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic? will help reinforce the action.

The Coronoia® Campaign

You can purchase your copy of Coronoia® Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic? from NewGenne®’s online shop or Amazon today. Read it, share it with your loved ones and work colleagues, and help to spread the word about alcohol being pro-COVID!

To find out more, feel free to get in touch today. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.