Here in the UK, more than 12 months after we first became aware of the existence of COVID-19, we find ourselves in another national lockdown – lockdown 3.0. There is a new, and even more contagious, variant of this infamous coronavirus causing havoc and great strain across the country and with this, the UK Prime Minister’s announcement of lockdown 3.0 on the 4th January was welcomed by many doctors, scientists and members of the public.

There are measures in place to safeguard the most vulnerable and protect our heroic NHS and at such a pivotal time, it couldn’t be more important that we are all following these measures, abiding by the rules and staying safe to help save lives.

We Have A Chance To Suppress The Virus

The main positive of lockdown 3.0 is the opportunity that it provides us to suppress the coronavirus, and its rapidly-spreading new variant, whilst the NHS continues to carry out the mammoth task of vaccinating the UK against COVID-19.

So, what can we all be doing during this national lockdown to keep the virus suppressed?

Stay at home – By remaining in your home, you are averting the possibility of becoming infected with COVID-19 by means of contact with another person. If you are already infected with COVID-19, staying at home is essential and the most simple way to ensure that you do not spread the virus to another individual – it is a legal requirement to self-isolate if you test positive for COVID-19 or are told to self-isolate by the NHS and Test and Trace.

Maintain good hygiene practices – Providing you are not infected with COVID-19 and you need to leave your home for a valid reason, you should maintain good hygiene practices. Avoid touching your face and keep your hands sanitised with an efficient, alcohol-free product like Newgenne®’s Foam Hand Rub – there are also many other safe and effective hygiene products readily available.

Do Your Bit In The Fight Against COVID-19

Continue to play your part throughout this crisis and together, we will win. Stay at home if you can and ensure excellent personal and environmental hygiene practices with safe, gentle and efficient products – the versatile hygiene products that we produce and supply here at NewGenne® are suitable for all skin types and ages.

Our products pass the EN 14476 test which demonstrates that they can kill membrane-bound viruses, like the COVID-19 coronavirus, and are unrivalled in their ability to cleanse, sanitise and disinfect everything from skin and equipment to many hard and soft surfaces, including your car steering wheel.

The Versatility Of NewGenne®’s Hygiene Range

NewGenne® is a trusted name within the healthcare sector and our versatile hygiene range is utilised in hospitals and other clinical and medical settings across the globe. Our products are also suitable for animal care and animal hygiene, making them perfect for veterinary clinics, horse yards, dog groomers and more.

You can access our well-loved hygiene products on our online shop where you can purchase them as single items, or in bulk.

NewGenne® Are Helping To Overcome The COVID-19 Pandemic

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