At the end of 2021 we are likely to see evidence of COVID-21, a new disease. It will be indistinguishable from COVID-19 and be caused by a different coronavirus which will arise later in 2021.

The Laws of Nature

The Laws of Nature prevail and humans can bend those laws.

Think climate; the Laws of Nature favour balance and, with concerted effort, humans have disturbed Nature’s balance. That achievement could make humans look very clever. Or the reverse, depending on how you want to view our effect on climate balance.

In my view, persistent efforts by humans culminated in the COVID-19 pandemic. The Laws of Nature favoured balance, yet humans managed to disrupt that balance. Almost two million COVID-19 deaths so far show what happens when we disregard Nature.

The Rise of COVID-21

The COVID-19 vaccines will control the strains of coronavirus covered by the vaccines. The strains which are not covered will remain. Nature will favour those strains remaining in balance. We may prefer to keep doing what we did to favour the COVID-19 virus. If so, one of the remaining coronavirus strains will multiply and spread. The resultant disease will be called COVID-21, because it began in 2021.

The Laws of Nature favour balance. We decide whether we want Nature’s balance or a new pandemic. Human actions brought on the current coronavirus pandemic. Will we do it again?

Alcohol is Pro-COVID

Long-published science shows alcohol vapours disrupt the pulmonary surfactant mucus deep in the lungs. Recent science shows that this mucus is the last defence against the COVID-19 virus. Disrupting the pulmonary surfactant mucus with alcohol vapour helps this virus infect lung cells.

We can choose whether to continue using alcohol sanitisers, favour the new virus and bring upon ourselves the COVID-21 pandemic. Or use solvent-free hand sanitisers.

It’s time for you to choose.

Dr Harley Farmer, co-founder and Director of NewGenne, is currently focused on doing what he can to help the country – and the rest of the world – overcome the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. NewGenne produces alcohol-free products that can help strengthen infection control measures in both clinical and domestic settings, and you can purchase Dr Harley’s latest work of non-fiction, Coronoia® 2nd edition, here.