Here at NewGenne, we supply our industry-leading hygiene products to hospitals and other clinical and medical settings around the world. Our extensive range is renowned for being extremely efficient at cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting whilst being gentle enough for use by those with the most sensitive skin – including healthcare workers with Chronic Hand Eczema. It is these combined attributes that make our products ideal for all manner of tasks, from environmental infection prevention to personal hygiene practices at home, work and elsewhere. The versatility of our unrivalled products also enables vets, groomers and pet owners to ensure optimum animal care and hygiene too!

When Have NewGenne’s Products Made A Difference?

Before her knowledge of NewGenne, a dog daycare and training centre operator noticed that the products she was using to carry out several routine hygiene tasks, such as cleaning and disinfecting, were causing a number of concerning issues. These included some of the dogs suffering from sore paws and lingering odours in the premises.

She was then introduced to NewGenne co-founder and Company Director, Dr Harley Farmer, who provided her with gentle products, produced by NewGenne, to use for all of the centre’s hygiene tasks instead.

Soon after solely using NewGenne’s products at the centre, she found that they were achieving fantastic results. This included an improvement in the dogs’ paws, an odour-free environment and even feedback from the staff regarding their own hand hygiene:

“No more smells, no more sore feet and really good for the human element of the centre to use as well. I would always recommend NewGenne’s products and wouldn’t consider using anything else.”

This transformation in the quality of animal care is a perfect example of just how versatile our gentle product range really is.

The Versatility Of NewGenne’s Products

At NewGenne, our products enable you to maintain excellent hygiene practices and prevent infection when at home, work and out and about. Our High Level Disinfectant (which is a lot kinder than its name implies) forms the base for many of our chemically compatible cleansing, sanitising and disinfecting products and passes the EN 14476 test against enveloped viruses – this means that the products we produce kill membrane-bound viruses like the COVID-19 coronavirus as well as many other nasties.

Utilising the same items to maintain optimum personal hygiene and to clean out your horse box, rabbit hutch, birdcage or chicken coop can understandably seem too good to be true, however, NewGenne’s hygiene products allow you to do just that, and very efficiently!

NewGenne’s Shop

You can browse our unrivalled hygiene range on our online shop and learn more on our website about the practical and versatile products we produce. Please contact us for further information and with any questions you may have.