Celebrate! The UK regulators have approved a COVID-19 vaccine.

These celebrations, however, may increase the danger of death in the coming months. Nine in every ten people in the UK have yet to be infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus, leaving them just as susceptible as they were before it reached our shores. 

Yet we have a LOT more virus now as many more people are helping it to multiply. Several months will be needed to vaccinate sufficient people to break the virus cycle.

How could we be helping the virus to spread? 

It’s a numbers game and our actions are helping coronavirus win. How we fare in this deadly game depends on how we play and what actions we take. Celebrations tend to favour the virus and there are several ways we can help the virus’s score pass 100,000 in the UK:

  • Mix several generations over Christmas. Those who are younger and healthier may pass the coronavirus to their older loved ones in the coming weeks, so we need to think carefully about who we invite into our festive bubbles. 
  • Consume the usual amount of festive alcohol. Some of this passes out through our lungs. On the way it weakens the lung mucus which should be defending our lung cells from coronavirus attack.
  • Liberally use alcohol hand sanitisers. The solvent vapours rising from alcohol sanitisers are breathed in and the vapour weakens the same mucus defences, increasing our risk of coronavirus infection. 

We’re not out of the woods yet.

The UK score this week is 1 vaccine to us and 60,000 deaths to coronavirus. A very sobering thought. We must avoid treating the 2020 festive season as if it were 2019.

I remain a happy optimist. We will win. There is ample room for joviality and cheer. Just be sure to have fun, share lots of Coronoia® and keep your loved ones safe.

All being well, coronavirus will be absent from our 2021 Christmas festivities. Who among your older loved ones is also absent may depend on what you choose to do this December.