“We need to keep the virus suppressed for the next few months” said the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock this week in a radio interview when discussing the brilliant news of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine. While the regulators do their bit and the health service prepares to roll out the vaccines, it’s vital that we all work together to help him make it happen!

The importance of the R value

One way to do this is to reduce the R value by limiting the number of virus particles passing between people. That’s the outer R value.

The other way to keep the virus suppressed is to reduce the number of coronavirus particles made by infected people in the first place. This is done by reducing the inner R value. If we ignore the inner R value, far more of this virus is shed than necessary, making it much harder to reduce the outer R value.

If the two versions of the R value are new to you, then please click here to explore this concept in more detail.

How do we bring the inner R value under control?

All infections are dose-related and all vaccines can be overwhelmed by an excessive number of infectious particles. It would be a terrible shame to have new COVID-19 vaccines and find we had allowed too much coronavirus to be produced.

The best way to reduce the inner R value is to ensure that no solvent vapours are breathed in by people infected with this coronavirus. Solvent vapours weaken the mucus which should be protecting the lung cells this virus seeks to attack.

Replacing alcohol-based hand sanitisers with safer products which do not liberate solvent vapours, such as those produced by NewGenne, is the best place to start. Safer hand sanitisers are readily available and in widespread use around the world.

Reducing the inner R value means fewer virus particles being made and breathed out, making it easier to achieve better outer R values and keep the virus suppressed.

The Coronoia Campaign

Up to now, the approach taken by those in authority to managing the COVID-19 outbreak has been divisive and this is analysed more closely in Coronoia: What the W.H.O. failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear, Dr Harley’s latest work of non-fiction! You can purchase this via our online shop and get in touch with us today to join the Coronoia Campaign!