Here at NewGenne, our team’s main contribution is positive inclusive thinking and we continue to share our extensive knowledge and understanding of infectious diseases with hospitals and other clinical and medical settings around the world.

Through explaining disease processes and demonstrating how to prevent hospital infections effectively, we have gained much support within the sector and it is pleasing to see just how many now stand with us.

It is not only hospitals and clinics that we work with though. We share our knowledge of infection prevention on our website, which houses our online shop. This features all of the leading hygiene products that we supply across the globe. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries, and people in general, have been looking for ways to improve their hygiene practices and our products have become increasingly popular with commercial businesses as well as domestic homes.

To ensure chemical compatibility, our gentle, effective and versatile products contain the same antimicrobial concentrate: a High Level Disinfectant.

High Level Disinfectan

You’ll find that our High Level Disinfectant is a lot nicer than its name implies. This antimicrobial product is rapidly biodegradable and perfect for all types of infection prevention. Passing the EN 14476 test, which proves it can kill membrane-bound viruses like the COVID-19 coronavirus, this alcohol-free and versatile disinfectant can be used on both hard and soft surfaces and is excellent for cleaning everything from floors to glass and equipment.

Did you know that our Antimicrobial Cleanser and Foam Hand Rub are our High Level Disinfectant in diluted form?

Introducing NewGenne’s Antimicrobial Enviropack – The Refill Trio!

The Refill Trio

You can now purchase our High Level Disinfectant (Concentrate) alongside our Antimicrobial Cleanser and Foam Hand Rub. This product bundle enables you to refill your 500ml bottles time and time again, with the 1 litre concentrate enough to fill 100 spray bottles and 50 hand rub bottles.

Save money whilst you save on plastic with our exceptionally economical Refill Trio, available now for just £30 on our online shop.

Improve Your Hygiene Practices

With our Antimicrobial Enviropack, you will be able to carry out all of your hygiene tasks with one simple and effective product package.

Our Antimicrobial Cleanser displays unrivalled versatility as it achieves optimum hand hygiene as well as being able to clean, sanitise and disinfectant multiple surfaces including windows, mirrors, doors, treatment beds, electronic equipment, walls and desks.

Our Foam Hand Rub enables you to maintain exceptional hand hygiene, working rapidly against bacteria and other microbes, including the most dangerous hospital superbugs.

Please contact the NewGenne team today for any further information and with any queries you may have.