“Don’t die of ignorance” was a campaign slogan used by the UK Government during the AIDS epidemic when a new virus was on the rampage. This offended many people who did not want to be told they were being ignorant.

Over a million people have now died of COVID-19 around the world, most of them doing so in ignorance of a certain fact. That missing fact is not being spread by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.), most likely because the W.H.O. is also choosing to look past a crucial bit of science.

Help us to do something different

“Don’t die of ignorance” takes on a new meaning when a million people die because of the ignorance of those in authority. To avoid becoming part of these statistics, please help us to help the W.H.O.

The fact in question relates to solvent vapours rising from hands treated with alcohol sanitisers. These solvent vapours are breathed in, favouring this coronavirus and leading to many avoidable Covid deaths.

1 million deaths is a huge price to pay for our leading health organisation’s ignorance. An organisation we are all paying for.

Take a stand!

Are the conspiracy theorists correct when they say the W.H.O. somehow wants these deaths to occur, or does the W.H.O. simply have a blind spot when it comes to the side effects of alcohol sanitisers?

Either way we have a million people who have died not knowing something that the W.H.O. should be shouting about. Since they won’t talk about it, we’re left to see how many people we can convince to join us in sharing this message for all our sakes!

If you want to help prevent others from dying of ignorance, please spread the word about alcohol being pro-Covid and help us to educate the W.H.O on this topic.

Stay safe and shout about what you know. The life of someone close to you may depend on it.

The Coronoia Campaign

A copy of Dr Harley’s latest book, Coronoia: What the W.H.O. failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear has been sent to each individual member of the UK Cabinet. As these are the people who can make the most difference, the rest of us can only hope that they do. You can purchase your own copy of this book from our online shop.

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