A healthcare worker who dies from Covid-19 after having been infected at work becomes an occupational death. This is a very serious burden for the employer indeed.

Employers have a duty of care for their employees and must ensure that every measure is taken to prevent occupational disease. However, at this present time, too many employers of healthcare workers are not doing everything that they can to protect their heroic frontline staff.

Their decision to have their employees continue to use alcohol-based sanitisers is actively increasing the risk of occupational disease.

Alcohol & Covid-19

The main way that the Covid-19 virus attacks people is through specialised cells deep within the lungs. When enough of these cells are taken over by the Covid-19 virus, the patient will die. These very cells are normally protected by a thin layer of mucus, known as pulmonary surfactant, which they produce themselves.

The scientific and medical fact that solvent alcohol vapour breaks down the pulmonary surfactant mucus was proven and published way back in 1952.

Prior to the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis, that fact could largely be ignored. Now, with thousands of lives at stake, it simply can’t be and immediate action must be taken in the fight against this ongoing pandemic.

What Action Should The Employers Of Healthcare Workers Take?

Anything which weakens the integrity of the pulmonary surfactant mucus in healthcare workers makes them more prone to infection by the Covid-19 virus. Alcohol-based products must therefore be removed when the virus is present.

Would the sole use of non-solvent sanitisers offer a solution to this hazard? Yes. Are such products available? Yes, readily. NewGenne’s Foam Hand Rub is alcohol-free, passes the EN 14476 test which proves that it can kill membrane-bound viruses like the Covid-19 coronavirus and is widely used across the globe. We will also willingly direct the employers of healthcare workers to other suitable products.

What’s stopping these medical professionals from substituting alcohol-based sanitisers with effective, alcohol-free sanitisers? You need to ask them; it is their decision whether or not they want their employees to be at an unnecessarily increased risk of occupational death.


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