During these unprecedented and volatile times, we are doing everything we can to combat – and help overcome – the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis. From supplying our gentle and chemically compatible hygiene products around the world to the hotly anticipated release of our co-founder and Company Director, Dr Harley Farmer’s non-fiction book, Coronoia: What the W.H.O. failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear, we’ve been working non-stop.

But just who is the man behind the science and what has led him to where he finds himself today?

Dr Harley

Dr Harley is a Doctor of Philosophy which, in his own words, is a fancy way of saying that he likes to think a lot. This allows him the freedom to think of his own ways of doing things without being constrained by medical rules and dogma.

Through relishing questions, ignoring boundaries and believing HOW means WHO, Dr Harley’s own personal philosophy can be summed up in the following way:

“I know the answer is out there. All I need do is find the question.”

Raised in the Australian outback, Dr Harley learnt from a young age to keep everything in balance. Growing up in such a harsh environment, where prevention was better, safer and easier than cure, he had to care for those around him and soon discovered that staying alert meant staying alive.

At university, it very quickly became obvious to Dr Harley that he was being taught to treat diseases. This contrasted sharply with his inherent values of wanting to prevent diseases from developing in the first place. There were other individuals at university who were ideally suited to treating diseases and this allowed him to examine other options.

“People with my qualifications are supposed to offer drugs to overcome diseases. My choice was to prevent the diseases, negating any need for those drugs.”

Nature creates balance and Dr Harley deliberately chose to put health and happiness before company profits, working with nature to help many people across the globe whilst travelling the world and having fun.

When not working with hospitals and other clinical and medical settings to prevent infectious diseases, Dr Harley can be found sharing his knowledge of eczema and medical facts with the parents of pre-teens with atopic eczema. His aim is to have these parents come to their own realisation that the products they are applying to manage their child’s eczema are actually maintaining this insidious skin condition.

Dr Harley may otherwise be found at his writing desk, either working on a non-fiction book where he shares scientific facts and the latest, valuable information available, or on one of his thrilling novels.

Stay Safe And Help Others

Do your bit to stay safe and help others during this global pandemic. You can learn more about what NewGenne and Dr Harley are doing to combat the Covid-19 crisis on their respective websites and social media channels.