“Now wash your hands” is an instruction we’re used to and Covid-19 brings with it the additional instruction of using alcohol hand sanitiser.

Watch to see how many people sniff their hands as this alcohol-based hygiene substance dries. In fact, what these people are doing is smelling solvent vapour. Yes, they are actually sniffing solvent!

Why is this such a problem?

There is much medical evidence to prove that alcohol vapour dissolves the mucus layer which defends lung cells from attack by this deadly form of coronavirus. The evidence goes all the way back to 1952 so don’t let anyone tell you that this is new information.

The biggest problem here is that this fact is simply being ignored.

Authorities like the World Health Organisation (WHO), who have suggested that we use alcohol hand sanitisers to keep ourselves protected, seem to be turning a blind eye to the science and the behaviour we have all observed: people sniff their hands!

As a result, the WHO is effectively saying: “Now sniff your solvent”.

Attacking the lung cells

New virus particles created by infected cells deep within the lungs will simply attack the next lung cell if the defences of that cell are weakened by solvent alcohol vapour. Each newly infected cell makes even more virus, creating a vicious and possibly lethal cycle.

When enough lung cells are infected, the person affected will die from Covid-19.

Effective alcohol-free hand sanitisers are readily available. NewGenne’s is used around the world and I will readily direct you to others.

While the WHO is ignoring the obvious, ensure you and your family avoid becoming the next death in this pandemic and stay away from alcohol sanitisers at all costs!

As simple as it sounds

This really is as simple as it sounds. Perhaps it’s too simple for the boffins to see. They have been completely flummoxed by this pandemic and perhaps they are just too busy to see what’s in front of them.

You can help by spreading the word that “alcohol is pro-Covid”.

Use alcohol-free sanitiser. This will make sure that even if you still sniff your hands as the product dries, you won’t be taking in any solvent. Do your bit to stay safe and help others and learn more about what we’re doing to combat the Covid-19 crisis.