Since our establishment in 2001, we have been proud to supply a leading range of hygiene and cleaning products to hospitals and other clinical and medical settings throughout the world – an enterprise that has assumed a special significance as of late due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

From minute one, it has been NewGenne’s mission to share our knowledge and understanding of infection control practices with those seeking solutions to viral outbreaks and we have done this to tremendous success over the last 20 years.

Co-founded by the noted Dr Harley Farmer, our team’s expertise also spills over into the management of several common skin concerns and our products have been used to negate the effects of things such atopic eczema and occupational dermatitis in individuals that present with these conditions at all stages of life.

Purchase our products

We’re now proud to announce the launch of our online shop (this can be found here) where you can browse our extensive range of products and purchase some of these for yourself. Regardless of what you choose, these are suitable for both home and commercial use and can be bought in bulk or as single items.

Each one of these products offers valuable protection from a plethora of undesirable germs, microbes and superbugs and our wide selection of hand washes are all alcohol-free to ensure that your skin remains free from damage despite continued use.

The same can be said for our uniquely formulated Antimicrobial Spray, which can be used to disinfect surfaces and stand in as an effective hand sanitiser should the need arise. This spray has passed the EN 14476 test, which means that it has the power to kill viruses like COVID-19. Not bad considering its modest price tag!

A commitment to eradicating infection

When NewGenne first formed, those who occupied the highest positions of power in their respective fields delighted in telling us that our quest to reduce the number of preventable deaths from infections acquired in hospitals was unrealistic and impossible. Now, twenty years on, some of the numbers speak for themselves. There are occassions when hospitals in the UK count the days they remain infection-free and it gives us great joy to have been a part of this astonishing turnaround.

We are now directing our positive energy and perspective into bringing COVID-19 infections under control.

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To learn more about us, visit our website today. Here, you will be able to explore our online shop in greater detail and discover why we do what we do. You can acquaint yourself with Dr Harley’s other projects – including EXeczema® and his burgeoning career as a novelist – by taking a look around the following websites: Execzema and Dr-harley.