The new book Coronoia: What the WHO failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear is available.

It presents a timely reminder of how fear restricts vision. We’ve seen a million Covid-19 deaths worldwide and seen pretty graphics of the spiky coronavirus. 

What is fear preventing us from seeing?

The book’s title includes WHO. Try rearranging those letters into HOW. 

HOW is this coronavirus achieving so many deaths?

My thesis suggests Nature had this virus in natural balance and the pandemic is wholly un-natural. It’s man made. What human action could help this virus leap from balance to pandemic?

In 1952 we learned that alcohol vapour dissolves pulmonary surfactant, the mucus protecting the lung cells which this coronavirus attacks. We’ve long known that when people apply alcohol hand sanitisers they breathe in alcohol vapour and it reaches that mucus layer which it can dissolve.

When this virus gets through that weakened mucus layer it reaches the specialised lung cells it wants to attack. When enough of those cells are attacked the person dies.

By ensuring alcohol vapours are common in Covid settings humans are ensuring this coronavirus has the best opportunity to cause infection, disease and death. 

The thesis in Coronoia is presented to induce debate. If the debate favours my thesis it will become irresponsible to have alcohol sanitisers wherever this coronavirus might be present. Perhaps even criminally negligent to allow alcohol sanitisers in hospital Covid wards. 

If we keep doing the same we will achieve more of the same. More deaths. The best hope lies in doing something different, including replacing alcohol sanitisers with products which do not liberate alcohol vapours. NewGenne’s alcohol-free hand sanitiser is already used around the world. 

A copy of Coronoia has been mailed to each member of the UK Cabinet. They are the people who can make the most difference. The rest of us can only hope they do.

Copies of Coronoia are available here.