In the UK the return to formal education has induced a massive increase in demand for coronavirus tests. The lack of available tests is fuelling fears. I want to quell some of those fears.

The I in COVID stands for Infection and that’s where the main concern appears to lie at the moment. People seem to be very scared of becoming infected.

Yet I’m hearing that most of those infected do not become ill. That is becoming the norm and it raises one vital question in particular.

Why do the others progress to Disease, the D in COVID?

I suggest we draw a red line between the I for Infection and the D for Disease. Then Infection becomes less scary as most infected people are perfectly fine. We can then focus on preventing disease and help people stay on the safe side of that red line, even though they are infected.

People with extra susceptibility will be easier to push over the line and need to take extra care. Yet even they still need to cross the red line.

What pushes a person over the Covid red line to Disease? My reading of the science suggests a major factor is solvent vapours breathed in by infected people. The vapours weaken the defences deep within the lungs giving coronavirus a boost. Virus which is released by one lung cell can go directly into another lung cell leading to Disease.

A common source of solvent vapours is alcohol hand sanitizers. If you know of something else which could do it, I would love to hear your suggestions on the matter.

Infection needs to be encompassed in our daily lives. It’s going to happen. We can take action to prevent the Disease.

Focus on whatever could push someone over the Covid red line.