Nine months into 2020 and things remain as uncertain as ever. As cases of Covid-19 continue to demonstrate a sharp rise across the country and the UK Government scramble to justify their decision to open things up to quite such an extent, it seems that those who spoke of a second wave of infections are seeing their predictions come to fruition, with the nation staring blankly down the barrel of one of the bleakest winters in recorded history.

A realist who has questioned how the initial outbreak of Covid-19 was dealt with – and why this was even allowed to occur in the first place – our co-founder Dr Harley Farmer has firmly nailed his colours to the mast with the imminent release of his latest book, Coronoia: What the WHO failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear, a long-form read that seeks to disclose what he feels lies behind the global pandemic.

Coronoia: a brief synopsis

Rooted in scientific fact, the ideas outlined in Coronoia take their cues not from conspiracy theories but a range of credible medical resources. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has gone on record as stating that the Covid-19 virus is “the invisible killer” but ponder for a minute the possibility that what’s actually responsible for the deaths seeks to remain hidden from view far from the gaze of even the most powerful microscope.

Those who have been following our investigations into why Covid-19 has been so difficult to control will be asked to once again consider the role that alcohol-based hygiene products – and the consumption of alcohol in general – have to play in the strength and resilience of this deadly virus. After all, the links between alcohol vapour, the pulmonary surfactant mucus, Alveolar Type 2 lung cells and Covid-19 are clear for all to see. You just have to know where to look.

A change in attitudes

The issues explored in Coronoia have long been glossed over by the World Health Organisation and those in charge of our country, so how many more have to die before the people in authority begin to see the obvious? At least 100,000 in the UK alone if the latest projections turn out to be true.

Let’s make it our mission to ignite a much-needed change in attitudes and pull ourselves back from the brink of disaster while we still can. Thousands of lives depend on it.

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If the topics discussed in Coronoia resonate with your way of thinking, then please get in touch with us today and join the Coronoia Campaign. With your help, we can continue to invest our time in discovering new methods of preventing Covid-19 disease in the best way possible.

The book itself is almost due for release, so stay tuned to our social media feeds to make sure you don’t miss out on reading what looks like becoming the most essential scientific thesis of the year.

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