COVID is firmly stamped in our minds.

COV stands for coronavirus. I is for infection.

D began as Disease and in too many cases became Death.

This coronavirus is here to stay so its existence is out of our hands. Infection numbers will rise until we have the vaccines. We can only slow the rate of spread. Disease following infection is far from inevitable, as proven by the many people who are infected and show no disease.

Is Disease choice or chance?

Death from coronavirus infection is also far from inevitable. Is it choice or chance?

If COVID Disease and Death are choices, who makes the choice?

To simplify the subject, consider the two potential journeys for a new virus particle when it’s released from an infected lung cell. If the virus particle is breathed out and then breathed in by another person, that journey is 1-2 arm lengths.

If the new virus simply attacks the neighbouring lung cell, the journey’s less than the width of a pinprick.

Most of the virus will take the shortest journey going from cell to cell staying within the infected person. Disease is then more likely.

What choices can affect whether the disease progresses to death?

One choice is made by authorities who advise the use of alcohol hand sanitisers. Solvent alcohol vapours rising from treated hands are breathed in and weaken the defences of the lung cells which the coronavirus attacks. Alcohol vapours make the cell to cell journey even easier.

Published science shows how their choice to have us use alcohol sanitisers enhances infection, helps generate disease and favours progression to death.

If you want to see the relevant science, please read Coronoia. What the WHO failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear. That’s your choice.