Alcohol is pro-Covid. Discuss.

That line brings back memories of turning over the exam paper way back in the days when we had to produce long essays in exams.

You must challenge the statement justifying your views. 

Alcohol; were you supposed to discuss the solvent alcohol vapour rising from hands treated with alcohol sanitisers being breathed deep into the lungs, or reveal how alcohol drinks lead to alcohol vapour being breathed out of the lungs? It is the same alcohol molecule in both cases. When it crosses the lining of the air sacks deep within the lungs it can dissolve the mucus lining protecting lung cells from attack by the coronavirus. If you failed to demonstrate your knowledge on both aspects the examiner would realise you knew only part of the picture.

Pro-Covid; what does alcohol have to do with the disease caused by the pandemic coronavirus? Exactly. To gain a good grade for your exam essay, you must reveal the relevance between alcohol vapour, the pulmonary surfactant mucus, Alveolar Type 2 lung cells, ACE2 receptors, the SARS-CoV-2 virus and why the elderly are more likely to die. Leave out even one component and your level of knowledge is exposed.

I chose to discuss it in a book called:

Coronoia. What the WHO failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear. 

If my examiner worked for the WHO or was a member of the UK Cabinet, it’s a fair chance they might shudder at what I discuss.  Would I pass the exam? That depends on whether you care enough about the 100,000 Covid-19 deaths being predicted in the UK for the coming winter. 

I do; hence the book.

If you do too, please read Coronoia and join the Coronoia Campaign here. 

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