Time for new procedures is something the current pandemic has denied us. Yet, in light of Covid-19, many small clinics find themselves compelled to follow better hygiene practices when dealing with their patients.

It’s a fact of reality that when new processes are introduced many are ignored when time is really short. The will is there in abundance, yet the time is not.

Providing a solution

We’ve had many requests from small clinics such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists and osteopaths seeking advice on how best to improve their hygiene practices. Most of them had heard of NewGenne via their delighted colleagues and wanted reassurance that the simple suggestion really could achieve all that was being said.

Why should they be sceptical? Perhaps it’s because it’s hard to believe that one simple spray can achieve hand hygiene, prepare the bed for the next patient and sanitise surfaces such as keyboards, payment devices and work surfaces. But who’s to say that it isn’t possible?

A unique Antimicrobial Spray

Ok, I’ll admit it’s ambitious. Yet, when you think about it, it’s very often the same types of microbe that reside on these surfaces. Therefore, by cleaning and sanitising these areas little-and-often, there’s no chance that dirt and grime can build up and become a problem. Having one simple spray carry out all of these tasks is logical, safe and extremely economical. It also saves time, something which is so often our most valuable resource.
NewGenne’s Antimicrobial Spray is a 1% solution in water of our High-Level Disinfectant concentrate. It is routinely used on the skin of babies yet it also passes the EN 14476 test, proving that it can kill membrane-bound viruses like the Covid-19 coronavirus. It has excellent cleaning properties, meaning a simple spray followed by a quick wipe with dry paper does the job.

How to use it

So, what’s the preferred procedure? When the patient leaves, the clinician sprays both of their hands followed by the bed and other surfaces before taking some new paper towel and wiping the surfaces down. That’s it. Hands and clinics are disinfected in a process that couldn’t be simpler. This is why those who work in clinical and medical settings love our Antimicrobial Spray, and we’re sure that you will too!

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