It’s either misplaced optimism or willful ignorance to believe that we are anywhere close to properly winning the fight against Covid-19. As a cursory glance at any reliable news source will tell you, certain areas of the country are still regularly experiencing spikes in infection rates and being forced back into lockdown, with cities as far apart as Leicester and Aberdeen having to endure much tighter restrictions in recent weeks.

But why is this virus persisting and what are we doing wrong in how we tackle it?

The 2 R Values

When it comes to measuring how quickly this virus is spreading, many leading figures will make reference to the R value. And though there is scientific merit to this approach, it can come across as somewhat reductive. As suggested in our recent blog, “The 2 R Values”, a more detailed way of doing things would be to split the R value in two and consider how this both relates to controlling how people become infected (the outer R or oR value) and the factors that are at play once they have been diagnosed with this illness (the inner R or iR value).

In terms of how to keep the oR value down, the Government has put a series of protective measures in place. For the most part, the emphasis on washing the hands with soap and water more regularly and for longer is certainly good practice, as is wearing a face covering when accessing public transport or going to the shops. The same goes for safe social distancing when out in the community or visiting family members and remaining at home when experiencing any of the symptoms associated with this virus.

So What Are We Missing?

One of the things that is most consistently overlooked, however, is our continued reliance on alcohol-based hand sanitisers to keep ourselves protected. Whilst these substances kill the virus on our hands there is a chance that their use can make our chances of infection much greater. Why? As these sanitisers dry, they give off a powerful solvent vapour that can break down the protective mucous that safeguards our lung cells from outside influences. This then makes it easier for the lung cells to become infected by this coronavirus and is an unfortunate example of how a control measure put in place to keep the oR value at a safe level can actually worsen the iR value significantly.


At NewGenne, we’re experienced at stopping virus outbreaks in their tracks and have developed several alcohol-free hand hygiene products that have no harmful side effects as a way of contributing to the nation’s efforts to bring this virus under control. One of the most popular of these products is our Foam Hand Rub which, when used, becomes the portable equivalent of washing your hands with soap and water. Free from the adverse effects of alcohol-based sanitisers, this rub passes the EN14476 proving it works against membrane-bound viruses like the Covid-19 coronavirus, as well as bacteria and several other forms of undesirable bug.

You can find our full range of products here.

As this global crisis rages on, we’re doing everything we can to help win the fight against Covid-19. To find out more about what we do, and to collaborate with us, get in touch today.