What is the best method of ensuring optimum hand hygiene in the age of Covid-19? With the ongoing pandemic forcing us to take our cleanliness more seriously than ever, there are those who swear by the protective effects of hand sanitiser, but is this always the best thing for our skin and our general health?

Whilst a helpful alternative in the absence of soap and warm water, there is growing concern that certain forms of hand sanitiser – particularly those which are alcohol-based – can actually do more harm than good. But why?

The negative effects of alcohol-based hand sanitisers

Although highly effective in the fight against bacteria, alcohol-based hand sanitisers can have a negative impact on the areas to which they are applied, drying the skin out and making the hands sore and irritated as a result of constant use. This seems tremendously counter-productive, considering how important it is for those who work in medical settings to maintain good skin health in order to carry out their jobs effectively. And this is far from a new problem, with evidence to suggest that around a quarter of all healthcare workers suffer from Occupational Dermatitis at any one time.

Something else to consider in light of our evolving public health crisis is one of the lesser talked about side-effects of alcohol-based hand sanitisers. As these dry, solvent alcohol vapour can be inhaled by users, a side-effect which is negligible enough on its own, but something that can be of serious concern to anyone with a knowledge of how the Covid-19 virus works to attack the body.

When this solvent vapour is breathed in, the effectiveness of the mucous that protects the cells that live in the nose and lungs is reduced, making the potential of Covid-19 infection more likely. Once the virus has infiltrated the lungs, it then targets the cells responsible for the production of this mucous, something which can make this potentially deadly illness much, much worse for those attempting to recover from it.

Alcohol-free products

That’s why more and more people are discovering the benefits of using alcohol-free hand sanitisers which we specialise in at NewGenne. As our Foam Hand Rub contains no alcohol, there is no chance of the hands drying out or becoming damaged, regardless of how many times this is used. Offering substantial protection against bacteria, other microbes and several forms of hospital superbug, using this product is the equivalent of washing your hands, with moisturising agents working to leave your skin feeling soft, supple and silky – full protection with none of the adverse effects. That rub passes EN14476, the official test against membrane-bound viruses like the Covid-19 virus.

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At NewGenne, we’re dedicated to pooling our knowledge and resources to come up with viable solutions in the fight against infection and we believe that by making a series of small changes to prevailing hygiene processes, we can make a genuine difference.

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